Being a chef, host and sommelier in one person, Josef Laufer jun. runs the wine house Zum Krug in the third generation.
By doing so he combines the past with new ideas as well as his experience.

This combination of tradition and modernity is reflected in the menu of our restaurant.

In the category Classical Krug Cuisine our guests find traditional dishes as known from mama´s times. In contrast, the New Krug Cuisine offers dishes which are down-home, yet combined in an imaginative way with local and seasonal products.

Classical Krug cuisine

soups and starters


Riesling-herb cream soup
7 Euro

Beef bouillon, marrow dumplings, chive pancake
7 Euro


Marinated “hand cheese” tart with Spreewälder honey pickles
mustard seed cherries and caraway seed chips

12 Euro


House-marinated salmon with pickled beetroot
horse radish and dill


Foie gras terrine with homemade brioche
pomegranate and walnuts

20 Euro



main course


Roasted „Rheingauer“ blood sausage
with hazelnuts and potato-leek vegetable

18 Euro


Marinated braised beef with potato dumplings and cranberries
24 Euro


Rump steak, fried onions, roast potatoes and salad
29 Euro


„Wiener schnitzel“ with roast potatoes and savoy cabbage
22 Euro


Whole “Wispertal” trout “Müllerin Art”
lemon-capers butter, potatoes and broccoli

20 Euro


Fried potato-goat cheese dumpling
carrot-ginger mousseline, olives, rosemary and curry foam

26 Euro


Please be informed, that we do not accept any credir cards in our restaurant!

New Krug cuisine

Our chef’s choice of the month…

- enyoy the moment -


Galantine of pigeon with bresaola and pine nuts
Piedmont truffle and Jerusalem artichoke
starter 19 Euro


Roasted sea bass filet with cheese-spinach flan
vermouth foam and blood orange
starter 21 Euro
main course 29 Euro


Pinot noir risotto with scallops
mushrooms and parsley vinaigrette
starter 19 Euro 
main course 25 Euro


Lamb shoulder -crisp tender-
with peppermint jus
ratatouille and balsamic vinegar
main course 29 Euro


Choose your own „Sweet Moment“.
Please ask us about our dessert menu. 



4  courses  65  €  with  corresponding  wines  25  €
5  courses  80  €  with  corresponding  wines  35  €


Please be informed that we do not accept any credit cards in our restaurant!